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مختبرات الكلية

The Electrical Machines Laboratory was established in 1978 and is affiliated with the Department of Electrical Engineering. The new Electrical Machines Laboratory was equipped with all the means of protection needed by any laboratory, as 3 main operating units were built, equipped on tables that were designed similar to the tables found in driving and industrial automation laboratories.

The lab was founded in 1978. The lab primarily serves all department students from all majors enrolled in Electrical Circuits 1 and 2. The Electrical Circuits Laboratory seeks to teach students about electrical and electronic devices, as well as how to utilize them correctly.

The computer lab was established in 2003 and is affiliated with the Department of Architecture. It offers practical courses in architectural engineering, covering aspects such as design, drawing, and architectural planning.

The microcontroller lab was established in 1994 within the Department

The laboratory was established in 2010 and serves the specialties within the Electrical Engineering Department

مختبر تطبيقات الأتمتة تأسيس المختبر عام 2013 بالتعاون مع شركة شنايدر العالمية بحيث يحتوي على معدات متقدمة في مجال المتحكم المنطقي المبرمج والشبكات الصناعية بالاضافة لانظمة المراقبة والتحكم الصناعي.

In continuation of the courses related

تأسس مختبر المساحة الأرضية والمتقدمة عام 1997 ويتبع هذا المختبر لدائرة الهندسة المدنية  ويدعم المختبر التطبيقات المتعلقة بأنظمة المساحة ويحتوي على العديد من الأجهزة المستخدمة في المساحة والتي من  شأنها تطوير المهارات العملية والتطبيقية لطلبة دائرة الهندسة المدنية.

The laboratory of Highway& Pavemen

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