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In 1990, the first Bachelor program was launched at the College of Engineering in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Afterward, the Computer Engineering program started to run. Years to come, the college witnessed a rapid growth where other programs have emerged. This serves the clear vision at the college to feed the market with specialized and highly trained engineers. 


In the year 1990, two programs offering Bachelor's degrees were launched, marking the establishment of the College of Engineering (CE), namely Automotive Engineering in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Computer System Engineering in the field of Electrical Engineering. In a period of few years, several other programs were started. This was done in accordance with a clear philosophy for the CE to meet the requirements of the labor  market.

The aim was to design outstanding study curricula capable of supplying the labor market with advanced technology. Graduates of these programs have gained widespread respect from all those who came in contact with them. Due to its ongoing effort to improve and enhance the quality of its programs, and the excellent reputation of its graduates, the CE managed to occupy a leading place within the Palestinian engineering educational system.

Currently, more than one thousand students are enrolled in the CE in four academic departments:

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering includes Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and Air-Conditioning Engineering.
  2. Department of Electrical Engineering includes Electrical Power Engineering, Communication and Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Industrial Automation Engineering. 
  3. Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering includes Buildings Engineering, Surveying and Geomatics, and Architectural engineering.
  4. Environmental Engineering Technology.

The policy of the CE have been intentionally made responsive and dynamic. Courses are continuously improved to stay on the leading edge of advancement in science and technology, all with a keen attention to the requirements of the work market locally and elsewhere. The programs concentrate on two main perspectives:

  1. A theoretical background covering basic analytical, research, and design aspects, which provides a solid basis for students towards their advanced and graduate studies.
  2. A practical perspective covering implementation, supervision, maintenance, and managerial aspects, putting the graduates on the right track in their future careers.

College of Engineering

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