Husein Amro

- Born in Hebron on 1/05/1970
-  Master in scientific computing  from  BirZeit University (2006-2009)
-  BSC in mechanical Engineering from Palestine Polytechnic University                                              (1990-1995 )                          


1-      BSc Graduation project: Converting manual automotive gear box to electronic controlled gear box
2-      MSc Theses: Modeling and control of 3D elastic ship crane.
3-      Scientific paper : Hydrogen as alternative energy for automotives
4-      Scientific paper: Zuhdi salhab, Mohammad G.Qawasmi, Hussein Amro, Mosa Zalloum, Mohammad Qawasmi and nafez sharawi. “Comparative Performance and Emission Properties of Spark-Ignition Outboard Engine Powered by Gasoline and LPG”.Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, volume 5,Number 1, Feb.2011/ISSN 1995-6665, pages 47-52.
5-      International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) Vol. 2, Issue. 6, Nov.-Dec. 2012 pp-4307-4310   ISSN: 2249-6645
“Evaluation of Vehicular Noise Pollution in the City Of Hebron, Palestine”


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