Ghandi Manasra


Ghandi Farah Manasra, Associate Professor:  Born in Hebron (27/9/1960), Palestine. Obtained MSEE (84–86) and  PhD degree (91-95) in Electrical Engineering,  Communication and Signal Processing from Northeastern University in Boston, USA, and the BsC (80-84) in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA.

Before joining Palestine Polytechnic University (2001) and till present as an associate professor in the department of Electrical Engineering (communication Engineering), working at AlQuds University (1986-1991 and 1995-1999) and king Saud University (1999-2001) as an Assistant Professor. Spent the academic year (2010-2011) as sabbatical leave in the Telecommunication Engineering at Arab American University.

Concerned with research on mobile telecommunication, Channel capacity and Information theory for spread spectrum communication as well the existing GSM/3G, Consultation/evaluation of different technologies relating to digital communication  systems including the study of any potential harmful and detrimental effect of such technologies. Received scholarship for his BSC from ASAI after having higher rank in Tawjihi Diploma as well as having a teaching assistant for the MSEE degree and a scholarship by the USAID Amid-east for the PhD studies.




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