About Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Department has held a significant position within Palestine Polytechnic University since its establishment in 1978. Over the years, the department has adapted to the university's continuous growth and development. In 1990, it introduced its first bachelor's program in computer engineering to keep up with technological advancements and cater to the market's need for engineers capable of dealing with advanced technology.

Recognizing the evolving demands of the engineering market, the department expanded its offerings in 1994 by introducing a bachelor's degree in Industrial Automation Engineering. This program aimed to prepare qualified engineers proficient in designing, operating, and enhancing control systems using both traditional automatic and computerized techniques.

Continuing its pursuit of meeting industry needs, the department launched its third engineering program, Medical Device Engineering, in 1997. This program was designed to train engineers specialized in designing, developing, and examining medical devices.

In 2006, the department inaugurated the Communications and Electronics Engineering Program, focusing on areas such as communications, electronics, and IT. The program aimed to fulfill local and international job market demands while serving the Palestinian community.

In 2011, the department introduced the Electrical Power Engineering Technology program. This program aimed to equip engineers with specialized skills in generating electric power from conventional and renewable sources, transmitting and distributing electrical power, and working with smart grids, which play a crucial role in electric car charging stations.

As technology advanced, the use of Internet-based systems and smart devices for control and monitoring became prevalent. These systems utilized concepts like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and digital data networks. Furthermore, modern engineering projects incorporated various communication, control, and machine learning-based technologies. Consequently, the need arose for engineers capable of designing advanced intelligent electrical and electronic systems. To address this demand, the department recently introduced the Intelligent Systems and Devices Engineering program.

Since 2016, the department has expanded its offerings to include three master's programs: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, and Communications Engineering. Additionally, it launched the Renewable Energy Program. These programs are offered in collaboration with local and international universities as joint programs.

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