Scientific General Lecture Committie | Curricula and Student Transfer Committee


General Scientific Lectures

Committee members:

Prof. Kareem Tahboub (Head) --
Dr. Ghandi Manasra (Members) --
Eng. Shireen Alqadi (Members) --
Mohannad Nassar (Members) --


Objectives and activities:

The general scientific lectures organized by the College of Engineering are intended to contribute to the enrichment of the scientific and intellectual environment at the college and the university at large.  This is achieved through introducing students and faculty members to advancements in different specialization fields and making them aware of research and technical activities undertaken by faculty members of different departments. In doing so, it is anticipated that more academic and research collaboration will be fostered, as science and technology are inherently interdisciplinary and no single field can flourish in isolation.

Thus, the lecturers are asked to keep in mind the multi backgrounds of the attendees and encouraged to use the lecture platform in building cooperation and understanding between the different specializations in the college and with other university faculties. These lectures will not be only limited to technical and scientific ones but will also cover societal, economic, and professional practice issues as well.

The committee intends to hold one general lecture weekly where invited lecturers will be new faculty members reporting on research work done for their graduate degrees, experienced college graduates reporting on their practice and telling their success stories, and faculty members from other universities and engineering from both the public and private sectors discussing specific issues of interest.


Curricula and Student Transfer

Committee memebers:

Dr. Yousef Al-Sweiti (Head) --
Head of Mechanical Engineering Department (Members) 
Head of Electrical and Engineering Department (Members)
Head of Civil and Architectural Engineering Department (Members)


Objectives and activities:

The aim of this committee is to review and improve the curricula for all engineering programs at PPU. Also the committee has an important role in revising and crediting new engineering programs launched to meet the local market requirements and international standards. This includes modifying and updating the study plans and the course descriptions with their co-requisites and pre-requisites in coordination with the lecturers and experts. In addition, the committee helps in preparing and checking the material related to the curricula for the annual university guide. Also it studies the academic status of those students transferred to the College of Engineering and Technology at PPU and decides the courses and the number of credit hours that can be credited according to the admission and registration rules at PPU.


Graduation Project Committee

Committee memebers:

Eng. Ali Amro (Head) --
Dr. Haitham Ayyad (Members) --
Dr. Iyad hashlamon (Members) --


Objectives and activities:

As a requirement for graduation, every student in the college of engineering should complete a graduation project. The purpose of the project is to assure that students have the ability to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information, and that they are able to communicate significant knowledge and understanding of the information cooperatively. Thus, the graduation project which is resulted from a team work will provide the students with a meaningful, purposeful, and relevant learning experience.
The project varies according to the major and sub-disciplines, and is determined by the student and his/her project supervisor. Whatever the major is, the goal of college of engineering is to have every student produce a significant piece of research work in the subject matter of his/her major. This project should demonstrate that the student can think critically and creatively; gather, recognize and interpret data; solve problems; interpret and communicate findings; and attain understanding and proficiency in the modes of inquiry common to his/her discipline.   
The graduation project committee is formed to equip the college with the necessary information to meet expectations. It develops appropriate criteria and provides guidance to the student, academic supervisor and the evaluation committee. Such guidelines include syllabus of introduction to graduation project course, format of writing the thesis, timeline for student progression, and appropriate forms needed such as research graduation project proposal, graduation project log sheet, and graduation project final examination form.


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